• Desain Hotel Saras Tuban
  • Desain Hotel Saras Tuban
  • Desain Hotel Saras Tuban
  • Desain Hotel Saras Tuban

Services Description Saras Tuban Hotel Design

Hotel Architecture Design Services in Sidoarjo

Hotel design that we have been working on: Saras Hotel Tuban

The development of hospitality in Indonesia is quite developing, it is caused by several factors that influence, one of which is the development of the tourism sector. As the development of hospitality in Indonesia

Hotels are one type of accommodation that is engaged in lodging services or room service services in which there are supporting facilities such as restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, clothes washing services and so forth. These facilities are available based on the type of hotel, area and from applicable spatial regulations. For this reason, it is very important or very much needed hotel architect services that will plan all needs for hoteliers in Indonesia. There will be a hotel design planning that is measurable and well planned according to the target market.

As a hotel design architectural planning services company or hotel design architect consultant services, there are several types of hotels, namely:
By size
The size here is based on the number of rooms. The more rooms, the amenities will usually be more adequate.

    Small Hotel (<200 rooms)
    Average Hotel (200-399 rooms)
    Above Average Hotel (400-700 rooms)
    Large Hotel (> 700 rooms)

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