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Services Description Corner House

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Project Name: Corner House

Project location: Surabaya

Principal Architect: M.Thahiril Lazib, ST., MT

Corner House

This house is located on the corner of the street, has 2 views which is a challenge for the architect. A house that is on the corner of the road itself has several advantages, namely having 2 access and good air circulation in the house. Seeing this advantage the architect provides a garden around the house and full openings.

The 1st floor itself is designed with full openings in the form of folding glass windows, while on the 2nd floor there is a 2 view balcony, this is to maximize the view. The fa├žade itself is designed with a warm concept with the use of white walls combined with natural stone so that it will create a "calm" impression on the house.

CV.Mahadikon Utama itself has experience in designing and building houses. Having several architects who are qualified in their fields, making the resulting design quality. CV.Mahadikon Utama office itself is located in the city of Sidoarjo which borders the city of Surabaya, or you can contact us via our website.

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