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  • Rumah Kos Surabaya

Services Description House Boarding

Project Name: Boarding House

Project location: Surabaya

Architect: Muhammad Arifin, ST

             Suhartono, ST

The opportunity to build a boarding house on land close to a campus complex or workplace is an advantage in itself, especially since land is located in the big cities of Surabaya and Sidoarjo. However, because the land sometimes has a small size, it is impossible to use it as a boarding house. the client wants a simple boarding house design that maximizes the exclusive land.

The front view of a boarding house in a modern minimalist style with a grid as an ornament on the front view. Has a half-saddle roof form to save costs as well as a minimalist form interpretation of the building. The combination of soft brown color that stands out on the front of the boarding house. The access staircase that leads to the 2nd floor is near the gate to facilitate boarding residents and also to accentuate the front of the boarding house.

The boarding house design is designed in a row, each room arranged linearly which takes into account the user's circulation and natural ventilation. In the boarding house there is a large gajebo which functions as a public space for joint activities for boarding residents.

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