• Hook 2 Lantai
  • Hook 2 Lantai

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This 2 Floor Hook House is located in Sidoarjo City. This hook house is designed with 2 floors of facilities. By carrying out a modern tropical concept, creating a beautiful and comfortable hook house for the residents of the house. This 2-storey house is located on a street corner or street corner or better known as a hook house. Because it is in a street corner location, the appearance of the hook house must be considered. On the facade itself is dominated by secondary skin sliding windows, while the first floor is dominated by glass.

Having 2 floors makes this hook house an interest for the local community. For the 1st floor, the architect tries to use this floor as a public space for residents. while for the second floor it is used as a private space for residents of the house. Because it is on the corner of the hook house, it has pretty good circulation, especially since this hook house has 2 floors.

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