• Ruko Perumahan Hasbana Land
  • Ruko Perumahan Hasbana Land

Services Description Hasbana Land Housing Shop

Project Name: Hasbana Land Residential Shophouse

Project location: Sidoarjo

Planning Year: 2020

Architect: M.Thahiril Lazib, ST.MT

Hasbana Land Commercial Building Contractor Services

Shop houses are often neglected in terms of design appearance, even though if the shop design is considered, it will attract more buyers. The shop building itself usually consists of two or three floors. Most of the shape of the shop comes from the shape of the block cubes that are given a certain section or cavity. In addition, the shop houses are often found vertical column lines. Ruko is an abbreviation of a shop house that functions as a residence which is generally on the 2nd floor and the office or business place is on the 1st floor. housing front.

The Hasbana Land residential shophouse was designed with a minimalist concept with bricks as the shop's appearance design. Because it functions as a residence, Hasbana Land's shop houses are designed to be flexible and not rigid. To keep up with the era of Hasbana Land's shop houses, it was designed with a minimalist concept that used bricks as a substitute for walls which also functioned as the main attraction for Hasbana Land's shop houses.

This residential shophouse is intended for business people around the city of Sidoarjo and Surabaya. Business owners can rent this residential shop at affordable prices. Located in a strategic location, which is in the middle of Sidoarjo city with easy access from Surabaya to be an added value if business owners want to rent Hasbana Land housing shop.

CV.Mahadikon Utama has experience in making retail building designs, one of which is a shophouse located in Hasbana Land Housing. Not only accepting designs, Mahadikon Utama also accepts building contractor services. You can contact us via the website or come directly to our office which is located at Perumahan Jaya Harmoni Blok JH-11 No.23 Sidokepung, Buduran Sidoarjo.

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