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Project Name: Sidoarjo Minimalist House

Project Location: Sidoarjo

Planning Year: 2020

Architect: M.Arifin, ST

Interior Design: Rise of Bramastya

A house with a terraced floor is a solution to the problem of limited land area in a small house design. However, not everyone can make it happen, this is because budget limitations when building a house or the house has already been completed. This problem is often felt by home owners in residential areas.

The mezzanine itself is a functional additional floor in the middle of the wall with an area of ​​only one third of the building area. The height between the mezzanine floor and the ceiling is lower than the usual floor. The mezzanine floor can be used as a bedroom, family room, or lounge.

In the mezzanine design in the picture, the transitional space between the 1st floor and the 2nd floor is utilized. In order not to be redundant, the mezzanine floor functions as a relaxing space. To avoid the many steps to get to the 2nd floor, this mezzanine floor can also be a solution. A high enough ceiling can also be used as a solution so that the floor of the house is more spacious and magnificent.

For the space under the mezzanine can be used as a kitchen, this is because the kitchen does not require a high floor ceiling. Mezzanine selection is effective in maximizing available space.

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