• Masjid Pepelegi Sidoarjo
  • Masjid Pepelegi Sidoarjo

Services Description Pepelegi Mosque at Sidoarjo

Project Name: Pepelegi Mosque

Project Location: Sidoarjo

Architect: Muhammad Arifin, ST

             Suhartono, ST

Mosques generally have a dome in their design as an identity for worship buildings. However, in line with the development of the times, mosques are currently designed with various concepts and styles, ranging from modern minimalist concepts to classic concepts. There is also a mosque concept that still raises the issue of locality using the roof of the previous mosque.

The pepelegi mosque which is located in the city of Surabaya combines a minimalist impression combined with the design of the local mosque. In Islam itself, an exaggerated impression is not recommended so that the exterior facade of the mosque uses white paint combined with Arabic ornaments. For the tower itself, it has a box shape, there are also compositions at all as an interpretation of a minimalist impression.

The space zone itself is designed to prioritize the privacy of the congregation. The pepelegi mosque is designed to have 2 floors. The second floor is specifically for female congregations, while the 1st floor is specifically for male worshipers. For ablution, male congregations are placed outside the mosque to facilitate access and not disturb, male congregations do not have to enter the mosque first but after ablution they can immediately enter the mosque so that the sanctity of the mosque is maintained.

Currently the mosque design has developed following the latest trends, the main mahadikon already has experience in building and designing mosques. You can see our portfolio on the website page. If you want to consult, you can contact the number listed on our website or come directly to our office located in the city of Sidoarjo.

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