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Services Description Building Construction Service

Project Name: Hasbanaland House

Project Location: Jumput Rejo, Sukodono, Sidoarjo

Land area: 13,000 m2

Total Buildings: 108 Units

Planning Year: 2020

Architect: M.Thahiril Lazib, ST.MT

Contractor: CV.Mahadikon Utama

Developer: PT. Jaya Waskita Dwipantara

House design with a minimalist concept has a lot of interest in the community. This is a house with a minimalist style emphasizing things that are essential and functional. Seeing the increasing enthusiasts of modern minimalist design, Hasbana housing carries this concept in home design.

Hasbana housing itself has 2 types, namely type 38 and type 45. The combination of clean colors and red colors results in a house facade design that looks more dynamic. The use of rooster decorations on the front of the house design produces a cooler impression with the garden in front of the terrace.

The implementation of the development itself has started since 2020. Done by craftsmen who are experienced and competent in their fields.

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