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Project Name: Hasbana Mosque

Project Location: Sidoarjo

Planning Year: 2020

Principal Architect: M.Thahiril Lazib, ST.MT

Architect: M.Arifin, ST

Visual: Bangkit Bramastya

Rooster material has become a material icon in building facades. Rooster material is also one of the solutions to the climate in the environmental area. Rooster material is also considered to give a cool and beautiful impression to the building. Derived from natural raw materials, namely clay, rooster material is the carrying capacity for the application of sustainable architecture. The initial basis for the shape of this mosque is a square shape. The background of using this square shape is due to the effectiveness of the space in the mosque.

The square shape is not immediately taken as the formation of a mosque but is processed with such a transformation to make it more in line with the spirit of civilization. And there is a concrete deck that widened to provide shade to the mosque's porch from exposure to heat and rain. The mosque column has two functions as a building structure as well as the aesthetics of the mosque facade.

The use of roaster and glass materials as the basis for the facade of the mosque. The use of these materials aims to feel closer and closer to the surrounding environment as well as the white walls so that they are farthest from the arrogant and arrogant impression of the mosque. To reinforce a simple and religious impression

The minaret of the mosque also starts from a square shape with a towering pointed tip as an implementation that God for Muslims is one, namely Allah SWT.

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