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  • Jasa Desain Interior Rumah
  • Jasa Desain Interior Rumah

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Project Name: Sidoarjo Minimalist House
Project Location: Sidoarjo
Land / building area: 12x12 meters
Planning Year: 2020
Architect: M.Arifin, ST
Interior Design: Rise of Bramastya

Creating a Masculine Impression with Unfinished Brick and Wall Materials

Interior design with industrial concepts is currently on the rise and is a trend in home design. The concept of this design is based on a blend of raw and rough furniture materials with a minimalist style. This interior design concept is quite easy to apply.

Unfinished walls

Unfinished walls are the characteristics most often used in industrial concepts. The cheap budget and easy application are the reasons for this decoration to be of high demand. Minimalist furniture with steel material makes the bedroom look more masculine. The use of simple lights in dark colors strengthens the masculine impression in the bedroom. To give a "warm" impression, wood material on the furniture is the solution.

Exposed Brick

Some people think that the application of exposed brick in home decor will give the room a dirty and untidy impression, especially if this material is applied to the living room. To solve this problem, the living room can be decorated with exposed brick on one side of the living room wall. The application of exposed brick on one side of the wall aims to eliminate the monotonous impression. This combination will also create a dynamic impression. Exposed brick in the living room will also give a masculine, firm and sturdy impression.

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