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Project Name: Scandinavian Home Design

Project Location: Lamongan

Land / building area: 7x12 meters

Planning Year: 202

Architect: M. Thahiril Lazib, ST, MT


This residential house in Lamongan is designed with an effective, efficient and contemporary approach. This approach is a solution to meeting human needs and activities, so that it affects the spatial pattern and the shape of the house design. Adaptation of the facade of the house which is a consideration as a face that people around the environment will often see. The global concept of home design is Local Sustainable that is environmentally friendly and the materials are poured from the material, and the roof.


The front view is full of exposed bricks as a translucent wall, allowing the wind to still enter the house. As well as giving a strong and magnificent effect with a combination of full translucent glass on the front of the house. This application is inspired by the gedeg house in the traditional house in the past. The red paint line on the terrace shade line that is joined to the house fence will give a firm impression to the house. The appearance of the walls in the garage raises a rustic wall that meets a rustic brick which gives a natural impression.


On the side of the house, it raises a sustainable concept by applying garden space and an open balcony on the 2nd floor. This space aims to create a comfortable view for residents as well as a medium for exchanging winds in the house. This is because the house has an area that is not too large with a lot of space composition.


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