• Desain Rumah Hook Sidoarjo
  • Desain Rumah Hook Sidoarjo

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Project Name: Mr. Winata's Hook House

Project Location: Sidoarjo

Principal Architect: M.Thahiril Lazib, ST., MT

Architect: M.Arifin, ST

Having a land location that is on a street corner is a challenge in designing the appearance of a building. A house that is located on a street corner has another term, namely a hook house or a corner lot. The hoo house itself has many advantages, especially in terms of excellent air circulation because the house is close to the road.

The size of the land which is quite large, and is on the corner of the road (hook) makes architects have flexibility in exploring designs. Because the house faces 3 corners of the land, it looks like the building is trying to be maximized. Being in an area that has a hot climate, the concept applied in the design is tropical architecture as a whole. The window openings and sliding doors that are wide enough appear on the side and front views of the house. The garden around the house makes the house look cooler and more beautiful.

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