• Aston Sunset Hotel Giri Trawangan
  • Aston Sunset Hotel Giri Trawangan

Services Description Aston Sunset Hotel Giri Trawangan

Project Name: Aston Sunset Hotel
Project Location: Sidoarjo
Principal Architect: Audi Harendra & Heksa Kamawardana
Architect: M. Thahiril Lazib

Aston Sunset is a building located in Gili Trawangan, Lombok. The aston building itself functions as a rented resort and restaurant facilities that are open to the public. The location of the resort is on the largest island area in Lombok. The main focus of this resort building is to maximize greenery, be one with nature.
The design concept itself is the result of the implementation of the Sasak house design which is a traditional house from Lombok. With the use of thick local materials, it is hoped that visitors will be able to experience the terms and conditions of the Lombok culture. Local materials such as wood, alang-alang roofs are easily found around the resort location. The use of local materials is also the main carrying capacity of green buildings that reduce emissions to the environment.
Due to the location of the resort which is directly adjacent to the shoreline, we maximize the view by orienting the resort towards the sea. Maximized natural lighting and airing with sufficiently large openings. When viewed from the resort mass system, for the central area there are pool facilities surrounded by resort units which aim as a gathering point for resort visitors.

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